The classic Precision Circular Saw

Precision circular sawing machine RKA

Suitable for solid material, tubes or profiles of almost all standard materials. Multiple clamping system also available for complex cross sections. Our strength and speciality lie in the bundle sawing of thin-walled tubes in 60° prismatic jaws.

Specific characteristics

 synchronized spindle speeds, depending on material
 precision linear guide feed to saw head
 saw head feed pneumatic with oil brake, hydraulic
    or AC-servo saw drive motor with "Teach-in" program
 material feed system pneumatic, hydraulic or by
    means of AC-servo saw drive motor
 cut-off tolerance as of ± 0,02 mm
 high, almost burr-free quality cut DIN 6784
 HSS or solid carbide circular saw blades
 spraymist lubrication- or flood coolant system
 full clamping tools range, depending on material
 high independence thanks to automation
 progressive rationalization options
 ergonomic and user-friendly design, machinery
    concept allows easy handling and operation
 short set-up time
 high production thanks to bundle cut
 CE conform
Technical Specifications


round material

profiles / sections

circular saw blade Ø

saw blade thickness

AC-Servo drive or
gear transmission

spindle speed

infinitely variable with
frequency converter

spindle speed of
AC-Servo saw drive motor

material feed system

Carbide saw blade

0,6 – 50 mm

60 x 40 mm

60 – 200 mm

0,4 – 1,2 mm

1000 – 3000 rpm

1500 – 4500 rpm

300 – 3500 rpm

pneumatic 500 mm
hydraulic 500, 1250
AC-Servo 500, 1250


2 – 70 mm

80 x 40 mm

175 – 250 mm

1,0 – 2,5 mm

or 1250 mm
or 2000 mm
or 2000 mm